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Top Four Best LED T8 Tubes

What are the best LED T8 Tubes out there? We looked at online reviews for you and came up with the four most popular brands.


1. Hyperikon

Hyperikon is by far the most well-known, favored LED T8 Tube name out there. They are an international brand, headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA. They strive to be proactive and stay ahead in product research, development, certifications and qualifications. Customers are very happy with the product. They offer a 5-year unlimited warranty.

  • Instant Savings. Reduce your energy usage and save up to 55% on your electricity bill with 18W LED tube lights as 40W-50W or F48T8 fluorescent replacements.
  • Long Lasting. Outstanding life rating of 45,000+ hours and are composed of durable epoxy resin and aluminum alloy. These tubes can last 20+ years depending on use, eliminating the need to frequently replace your lighting.
  • Easy Direct Wire Install. Single-end powered tubes are compatible with T8, T10 and T12 ceiling fixtures and require a simple ballast bypass.
  • Hassle-free UNLIMITED 5 Year Warranty is unrivaled in the commercial lighting industry and covers all T8 LED tubes no matter what. Contact their customer service team 24/7!
  • Bright, High-output LED

2. Philips

Philips is another very well-known name since they produce a lot more than just LED lighting. Most people feel a lot safer going with a big brand name. 

  • Plug and play Philips LED T8 tube lights with InstantFit are the fast, easy way to replace your old fluorescent tubes with modern, efficient LED light. No rewiring needed—use these 1-inch diameter bulbs in medium bi-pin (G13) base T8 fixtures.
  • High-output Philips LED tube lights turn on instantly at full brightness with the flip of a switch—no slow starting, flickering, or waiting. These bulbs offer exceptional clarity and color rendering for task lighting boasting a high CRI of 82.

3. Sunco Lighting

This brand comes next after the top two most popular brands, with over 700 reviews on Amazon and a 4.6 out of 5 star rating! 

  • Suitable for dry and damp environments. Beam Angle 120 Degrees. Input voltage can be AC100-277V with ballast and AC100-277 without ballast.
  • Efficiency with ballast. More than 110 LPW and Efficiency without ballast -more than 125 LPW
  • Plug and Play (Works with or WITHOUT a Ballast!)
  • UL and ELT approved
  • Proven track record. Preferred by most contractors and electricians. Works with Electronic Ballast (not magnetic)
  • Note: Bulbs do work with T8 ballast and do NOT work with T12 ballast.

4. Luminosum

This brand comes in at number four, with 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and they offer a 2-year warranty. 

  • Super fast delivery from CA or NJ warehouse via FedEx, 2-3 days delivered. No importing duty.
  • Energy efficient. Replace 48W fluorescent tubes by 22W LED tube lights. Save up to 50% on electricity bill!
  • Easy installation. Remember to remove the starter and ballast before installation.

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