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Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor Review

Everyone is talking about how to have a "smart home". Well, here is one neat product to help you get there. 

Homes are becoming more and more smart, as technology improves and we embrace it into our lifestyles. The Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor connects to the Samsung SmartThings Hub to automate and monitor your home from the SmartThings phone app. Whew, that's a lot of "smart"! 

What are the common uses for motion sensors anyway? You will receive an alert on your phone if there’s unexpected movement in your home, or if children access dangerous or off-limit areas. You can even set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go, or if there's unexpected movement. You will just need to make sure the lighting in your home is compatible with the device. You will spend anywhere from $35-$235, depending on which model you choose. 

Amazon Alexa

Use the SmartThings App or Amazon Alexa to control your smart home. Teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.

Secure your home, whether you're there or away. SmartThings works with many devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors and more. 

Watch the YouTube video below to find out more about how it works:

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