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Vobot Smart Alarm Clock with Amazon Alexa[Touch-Initiate], 5W Speaker, Voice Control, LED Display, White Noise Machine, Timer/Date/Weather/Daily News/Radio/Music(Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn etc)

$43.68 (as of June 23, 2018, 8:39 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $39.18

[Smart clock with artificial intelligence]Easy setup with the free Vobot App. Enjoy Alexa service with the Amazon Alexa App. Touch-initiated and voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, provide information, control smart home devices, listen to news and audio books, report weather, traffic conditions, and so on. (No Bluetooth)
[Alarm/Snooze/Timer/Reminder functions]This device allows you to set alarm, active alarm, recurring alarm( e.g. for weekdays or every Monday), timer and reminder with voice command. Wake to your favorite built-in sounds, TuneIn radio, or any music since you can upload or customize (paste the music URL) the music you like. The alarm clock can be easily turned off by pressing mute.
[LED display/Visualization/Customization]LED dot-matrix display with smooth surface makes everything clear at first sight. The display is customizable with multiple options, such as date+time, date only, word clock display and12h/24h display.

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Getting to know Vobot
● Size: 3.9*3.9*3.3 inches
● Weight: 0.4 Ib
● Rechargeable: 4-hour playback, 6-hour standby
● Package: 1 Vobot clock, 1 USB cable, 1 manual guide. NO power adapter included. Please use a 5V/2A adapter to charge Vobot.
● Touch-initiated: cannot be initiated by voice

Vobot Clock is the world’s first smart clock with Amazon Alexa. It’s a voice interactive and touch controlled smart clock that uses Amazon Alexa Voice Service to set alarms (e.g. “Set an alarm for every weekday at 6 a.m.”), play music, control smart home devices, and more.

In addition, Vobot Clock shows you rich LED displays, improves your sleep quality, and makes you wake up refreshed. We are constantly improving Vobot via firmware and software updates, implementing feedback, fixes, and features based on customer experience. You can have all of these benefits without paying a great deal of money. Welcome to let Vobot become a member of your smart home!

[Touch-initated] The voice control requires a tap to engage, our Vobot clock doesn’t ambiently listen to your bedroom conversations. Easy to setup with the free Vobot App.
[LED readout] This smart clock display weather, time, date, and the brightness can be adjusted. The brightness is darker at night, which is suitable for sleep. In addition the display interface can be customized. You can super customize the display for how it looks, how long you wanna see different options, formatting for the time and date and other things. And The display also isn’t too colorful or bright at night, which is good if light from other devices bothers you or disturbs your sleep. A
[Back up battery] The battery option also makes our Vobot clock useful to take into another room or the bathroom while you get ready (if your bathroom isn’t too steamy). It is a pleasure to enjoy your favorite music while taking a bath. The standby time is 5-6 hours when fully charged.
[Smart Home] Using this smart clock to control smart home features (turn off lights and appliances) when go to bed. It’s also useful to turn on lights in the middle of the night when you hear something or the cats are doing what they should not. Some people like that it has a more “quiet” set of features so it’s easier to relax and wind down in the bedroom. If you like to place your cellphones outside the bedroom, so it makes it overall a more relaxing and unplugged place. The Vobot helps bri
[Sleep sound] Use this at night for the ambient sounds (ocean waves) to help fall asleep. If you don’t often listen to music in the bedroom, this is good for occasional listening. Vobot clock is coverd by a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

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