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TIMI Lighting LED Grow Light Bulb, Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants, Greenhouse, Flower, Vegetables, Non-Dimmable

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♥ Newest A19 LED Growing Lamp: Ideal for all kinds of indoor plants, especially for green leafy vegetables or plants; 6 watts eqivalent to 60W incandescent bulb, energy saving is up to 80% comparing with traditional CFL grow lights; You shall see an immediate drop in your electricity bill; Ultra clear glass shell contributes to this A19 LED bulb providing pink light to plants with maximum coverage.
♥ Pink Light: Red and blue spectrum of particle wavelength(680nm, 450nm) creates ideal chlorophyll and carotenoid absorption ratio absorption for indoor plants growing; Good grow lights for greenhouse hydroponic plants and other indoor plants including leafy vegetables and fruits; Supplemental lights for plants growth, keep your greenhouse all natural and organic!
♥ High Energy Efficiency and User-Friendly: 360 degrees beam angle can perfectly satisfy light spectrum needed for plants without energy wasted; Overall service life can achieve to over 15, 000 hrs, providing your plants with continuous light like summer sunlight even in winter; American standard E26 socket and widely input voltage 100V-120V, easy installation and safe for use.

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HOLA A19 LED Plant Grow lights, LED Grow Lamp, LED Filament Grow Lighting

√ Features:
– Blue(wavelength: 400nm-520nm): Help plants grow.
– Red(wavelength: 610nm-720nm): Help plants grow, and is the key for flowering plants.

√ Recommend plants to grow:
Colorful leafy vegetables and Leafy vegetables
(kale, cabbage, flowers, spinach plants, Basil, Arugula, habanero and pineapple, phalaenopsis and paphiopedilum, tomatoes, strawberries and zucchinis, etc.)

√ Specifications:
Brand: HOLA
Product Name: A19 LED Grow Lights Bulb
Light Apearance: White
Power: 6W
Input Voltage / Frequency: AC 100-120V 50/60Hz
Nomonal Input Current: Max. 0.02A
Nominal Lumen: 300 lumens
Beam Angle: 360 Degrees
IP Grade: IP 20
Lifespan: >15,000 hrs
Net Weight: 0.035 kg
Product Dimension: 60*103mm

√ Package Included:
1 * White Light LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

√ Instruction:
– Place this LED Grow lamp bulb in flat area when being unused.
– Please make this LED grow lights work at proper working environment(-20~+40℃).
– Check this LED Plant lights first before use. Any problems are free to contact us.
New Upgrade LED Plant Grow Lights: Compared with old version, this A19 LED grow lights is ideal for indoor plants seedling, growing, flowering and riping at all growth stages; Low power consumption(6 Watts equivalent to 60W incandescent bulb); High lumious effeiciency(300 Lumens offering better light spectrum to plant growing than florescent lighting); Long working life(15, 000 hrs makes your plants enjoy sunlight with no worry of re-lamp).
White Light( Similar to Pink): Red/blue 2 peak bands can provide plants, vegetables and flowers with light spectrum they need in the natural sunlight; Professional light proportion with perfect ratio of red and blue rays, providing better light envirnment to plants growth and improving growth speed and output of plants; No UV or IR radiation, and it will not hurt your plants even seeds.
Energy-Saving & High Quality: Just at 6W, this LED grow bulb is equivalent to 60-watt incandescent bulb; 360° beam angle enables plants to get the most efficient energy during different growing stages, energy saving can be up to 80% comparing to traditional CFLs grow lights; Easy to install(E26 base fits for most recessed lighting, but may not be compatible with dimmers); HOLA LED grow lamp bulb shall present ordinary white light like a brand new LED bulb even after 1-year use.
Professional Light Spectrum Ensures Higher Yields: Longer blue and shorter red wavelengths, suitable for planting; According to growing practice, this ratio could provide more suitable and useful light spectrum needed for leafy plants, flowering and food producing plants; Good for hydroponic growing, horticulture, seedlings and indoor potted plants growth in houses or offices, greenhouses, etc.
Multiple Usage: Replacement of 60 watts incandescent light bulb; Plant lights, great substitute for other plant grow panels, flood lights or CFLs; Decorative LED filament bulb; Medium screw base( American standard E26 socket), easy to set up; Fully clear glass shell transmits 360 degrees white light to plants, helping to direct heat and keep appropriate temperature for plant growth; UL/CE/ROHS certificated, safe for indoor plants.

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