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Occupancy Sensor

  1. Omni-directional quad element infrared sensor
  2. 100~277VAC universal line voltage powered
  3. Frequency detection zero-cross relay switching
  4. 0-10V selectable output for low dim control
  5. Walk test and sensor operation LED indicator
  6. Direct lead wires for easy wiring connections 8
  7. rotary DIP switch selectable control modes 7
  8. low dim levels changeable via Accu-Set
  9. Available with variety of mounting options
  10. Available with interchangeable lens options

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Product Description

Axis Occupancy Sensor is a line voltage switching occupancy sensor with 0-10V output for dimmable ballast or LED driver control. The sensor is capable of providing bi-level light control for energy efficient building management.

This sensor will provide full power output for dimmable ballast or an LED module when it detects the presence of an occupant, or vehicle, and switch back to the low dim level after the area is vacated for a period of time. The Accu-Set digital potentiometer makes the sensor setting work easier, faster and more accurate than conventional analog potentiometers.

Axis Occupancy Sensor offers 8 different control modes set via a rotary DIP switch. Additionally the sensor has 7 delay times and low dim levels both pre-settable via Accu-Set digital potentiometers. The Occupancy Sensor is designed to provide complete occupancy sensing dimmable ballasts/LED lighting control, ease of use, and the simplest installation.

The Occupancy Sensor is available with various mounting options and interchangeable lenses. This provides a second-to-none design and complete installation flexibility. The sensor is designed to operate in the coldest of environments, down to -40°F/°C.


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