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GoodBulb 2′ LED Linear High Bay Lighting, AC100-227V, Dimmable, 5000K, DLC 4.0 Certified, Industrial Lighting Fixture – 165 Watts

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DAYLIGHT WHITE – This LED High Bay Lighting Fixture provides 21450 Lumens at 5000K Daylight White. That is a LED Efficiency of 130lm/W!
ENERGY EFFICIENT – Energy (and cost) saving of up to 65% over our product’s lifespan. Rated over 50,000 hours of use, that’s about 23 years @ 6 hours/ day.
WIDE APPLICATIONS – Perfect lighting for warehouses, industrial building, supermarkets, gyms, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, and other dry or damp locations.

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GoodBulb provides energy-efficient lighting products for consumers, all while delivering good savings and supporting good causes. Founder Tom Enright was a door-to-door light bulb salesman. He imagined a future in which everyone could have access to energy-efficient lighting and contribute to communities in need. And that’s how GoodBulb was born. GoodBulb’s team of experienced, certified lighting specialists is dedicated to doing good with every light bulb that is sold. Not only do our lighting specialists sell energy-efficient lighting solutions, but they also support organizations in their communities and work to provide LED lanterns that improve the lives of children and families living without electricity across the globe. Did you know that 1 in 7 people do not have access to electricity across the globe? That equates to over 1.2 billion people. GoodBulb is committed to helping address this worldwide problem. We produce a number of LED lights in BR shape, A shape, globes, and more. GoodBulb also produces solar lanterns, solar lights, battery powered lights, lights for kids, round light bulbs, and basically any kind of lighting solution that comes to mind. Our energy-efficient light bulbs perform beautifully as flood light replacement bulbs, office and security lights, workshop lighting, stage and studio lamps, reading and desk lamps, LED ceramic metal halide lamps, floor lamps, speciality lights, general lighting, and more! LED lights are taking over the light bulb industry due to the fact that they save energy and are environmentally friendly. While they may cost more up-front, they pay for themselves in savings! LED lights help lower your electricity bill and last longer than traditional incandescent lights, so you won’t have to spend as much money on light replacements. These ecosmart light bulbs are the best option for a white light to illuminate your home or yard. Choose GoodBulb for high-quality LED bulbs and to help make a light in the world.
ENERGY-EFFICIENT INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS: Although LED lights cost more initially, our 165 watt industrial lighting will outshine the competition and lower your energy bill over time. In fact, this LED linear high bay light fixture will save you up to 65% energy (and cost) over the product’s life span. Rated for over 50,000 hours of use, that’s about 23 years of leaving this light on for 6 hours each day!
DAYLIGHT WHITE INDUSTRIAL LIGHT BULBS: These industrial lighting fixtures give off exactly 5000K for optimal bright lighting with 130 LM/W. They give off whiter light, instead of warm, yellow hues that can sometimes feel dim and dingy. No more light strips that give off orange rays or fluorescent bulbs with a green tinge. GoodBulb daylight lights give off light that is close to natural daylight.
WIDE APPLICATION INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING KIT: These bulbs are great for industrial lighting in warehouses, work spaces, gyms, retail spaces, manufacturing facilities, large kitchens or bathrooms, and other dry or damp locations. With no flickering or noise from an LED driver, these high bay light fixtures will illuminate your space without impeding your work areas like pendant lights or chandeliers.
LED DIMMABLE LIGHT BAR: Get high bay industrial lighting with a dimmable light switch. With a 1 to 10V dimming range and a high-quality isolated driver, the output of these fixtures can be scaled between 1 and 10 volts. This range gives you a variety of lighting options from a dim vintage feel to as bright as outside. String these fixtures together or space them apart for optimal lighting.
INSTALLATION: These industrial lights don’t have a wall mount, but instead mount to the ceiling. This kit comes with pendant and chain mounting, and the chains and brackets are included with your purchase. While you may be able to install these alone, we recommend professional installment only. The exact dimensions are 12.60″ x 23.82″ to ensure they fit in your installation space.

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