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3M Neon 12V LED Light Glow EL Wire String Strip Rope Tube Car Interior Decor Atmosphere Lights Unique Decor (Orange)

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-180 degree for adjusting
-LED Type:Cold LED Light Strip
-Size: Length=3m

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Cold light drive also has several advantages as follows:
(1) energy-saving. Its low power consumption, the decline in the total input power of the lamp line, better energy-saving effect.
(2) the elimination of the strobe light-emitting more stable. It will help improve visual resolution, improve efficacy; reduce visual fatigue of continuous operation, help protect eyesight.
(3) The starting point is more reliable. Once the starting point for success.
(4) stable input power and output luminous flux: high quality products, good voltage regulation, power, voltage deviation is large, the light source constant power to maintain stable illumination conducive to energy conservation.
(5) to extend the life of the lamp wire. The decline in high-quality products, constant power and lights line current, and reliable starting point lights line can prolong life.
Instructions for use:
1 cold light must be connected with the drive to use, and can not be connected directly to the power supply. Cold light can use double-sided tape or glue fixed and then the car.
Cold light can cut use, cut the part can be discarded, ownership length does not affect the use of the remaining part of the.
cold light requires the player Little headlight alignment, alignment know nothing of the lights have the players, the shop recommended repurchase went to the master installation.
Product Overview:
Product quality and longer life
-Color: Blue
Width =7mm
-Voltage: 12V DC
-Fit all auto with 12V DC
-180 degree for adjusting,Size: Length=3m
-LED Type:Cold LED Light Strip
-If you have any question about the item,please contact us first and we will give you a reply asap,and do our best to help you.
-Direct inserted in cigarette lighter; Voltage: 12V DC
-Package includes:1 x 3m Cold Light Strip ,1 x Power Contactor and Driver

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