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Electrical Supplies

Sockets & Receptacles

It doesn’t matter how advanced your installation is, everything needs a contact point. Whether you’re looking for phenolic sockets, E26 extenders, or just a simple wall outlet, has your back with a wide array of sockets and adapters. We carry both phenolic and porcelain sockets, as well as in-wall and outdoor electrical receptacles.

Wall Switches

Home lighting has advanced far beyond the simple on-and-off switches of initial electric lighting. Automatic lighting uses multiple technologies to check for room occupancy and vacancy, dimmer controls are now specially designed for different lighting technologies and for remote use, and miniaturized timers allow for single or recurring-use timing on your lights. Wall switches will never be the same with such an array of options, styles, and colors.


Low voltage, line voltage, power strips, and extension cords, there are quite a lot of cables and cable types available. If you know what you need, finding the right wire for commercial or landscape lighting is simple, but with so many options it can be difficult to distinguish which is which. If you aren’t sure of what you need, you can always call our expert staff and we’ll guide you to what you need.

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