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Philips Dimmable LED Decorative Candle Chandelier Bulb Review

Are you looking to replace your old chandelier bulbs with an LED warm glow romantic effect?

These Philips LED Chandelier bulbs are great for setting the mood because you can set up dimming to create the right atmosphere in the room. For more info on the right dimmers, check out our blog:  5 Best Easy-Install LED Dimmer Switches in 2018 Reviews.

The word "chandelier" comes from the old French meaning "candle holder". The purpose of this 40 Watt mood lighting bulb is to be decorative, almost as a flame- not to light up the entire room with brightness.

If your goal is to get a more well-lit room, check out the 60-75 Watt chandelier bulbs which will do the trick. And here are some tips from the HuffPost Lighting Guide for a well-lit home

Add mood lighting to your kitchen, dining area, living room, bedrooms, bathroom and even backyard patio!  


Photo Credit: NE Kindesign

To get a feel for this lighting, watch the Philips YouTube video below:

Feature Image Photo Credit: Locati Architects

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